Welcome Into The Week #88 par Dave

Ok, i’ts my first Welcome Into The Week in english, so be prepared to see a lot of grammar and orthographic faults. But ok, le’ts try it to talk about Dave because, if his french level is pretty good, as he comes from Melbourne I think it’s better if he understands how I talk about him… if he can, due to my level in his language. 😉

First things to describe him, I have to say that he has a great first name !! …. What ?? Oh ok, now in France for his studies, in marketing, Dave is a good piano player (as far as I can judge it) and a very good Dancer! (and you can believe me on this point !) He’s a member of the Australian hip-hop dance crew Mass Mayhem. You can see the videos… and just be impressed.

So I wondered what would be his favourites songs to start the week and he accepted pretty quickly to give me his list of ten.

Great first name, great !

He warned me that he listens to very different things and usually, when a playlister tell that, it’s like prisonners who claims they are innocent : they all say that ! But this time it’s more real than usual : there is blues and pop and electro and classical music and… N.E.R.D. This is a very uncommon playlist and i like it !

The first song needs a big Harley to be heard in proper conditions, but if you’re too poor and can’t afford it, i’ts ok. I must say that I quite like the Nikka Costa song but… there is a but… try one moment the Nina Simone version, it’s so huge that I can only say the Nikka one is just « OK ». I haven’t found the Salmon Dance on Grooveshark but it’s a good thing as you must see the music video at least once in your life !

Globally this playlist looks like the shuffle mode of my Winamp : excellent for working without sleeping, and full of good songs. 🙂

And you can find an almost incomplete playlist here ! 🙂

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